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10 Must-Know Causes Of Acne :- Pictures of genital acne – Female genital acne.

10 Must-Know Causes Of Acne

Article by Chris Sokraz

Acne is presence of blackheads or whiteheads on the skin. It mostly occurs in the young people. It is not one of the very rare and severe diseases but it is an embarrassing one. Young people mostly care about their looks and acne will destroy their looks. So acne is among the diseases which are treated soon after appearance of their symptoms. Women need to be more careful about acne because hormones causing acne are associated with menstruation. Acne vulgaris rarely occurs in old age. Acne rosacea occurs in old age and has similar appearances.

Although acne is partly hereditary disease but its genetic cause is unknown. Acne does not spread by contact and it is not infectious. Acne may occur due to following factors.

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